Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bishop Gladstone Adams, Vindictive Lowlife

If my good readers are in need of their daily bile, they may check out how TEC Bishop Gladstone Adams is being a vindictive lowlife against a rector who won’t kiss his feet . . . again.


MORE: O.K. I have to say more. I know Matt+ Kennedy. He is a good gentle Christian man. He and his parish have bent over backwards to conduct themselves as Christians through this whole matter, even after they lost their buildings and even after a bequest which was clearly not intended for the Episcopal Church was handed over to greedy said “church” in a miscarriage of justice. Matt+ talks about this here. As is typical of him, he is far more gracious about this than I am.

And, yet, The Episcopal Church still won’t leave Matt+ and his parish alone, even after they are long gone.

The shameless evil of The Episcopal Church continues to astound.

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