Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Republicans, Be Careful About Sotomayor

I am sure it will not surprise my kind readers that I am not thrilled over President Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. But, given my combative nature, my council to Republicans may astonish – do not expend too much political capital in opposing her.

Yes, her qualifications are questionable. Yes, her commitment to the Constitution is highly questionable.

But Obama can do worse, believe me. And it is unlikely he will do better in picking a Supreme Court Justice. (Heck, it wouldn’t shock me if she proved an improvement over Souter. That's not saying much, but hey . . .)

It is also unlikely this nomination can be stopped. And – the main reason I council caution – her story is endearing. Even such a mean sado-conservative as myself finds it hard to dislike her. I do not think heated opposition to her would prove fruitful, but would instead backfire.

There are many battles to be fought against the audacity of Obama. This is not one of them. Republicans would do well to keep their opposition scrupulously polite and principled.

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Anonymous said...

It's very possible for them to keep their opposition polite and principled, Sotomayor provides a wealth of evidence of her inadequacy and inappropriateness to be on the bench of the highest court in the land.

She openly admits that she uses judiciary position to make policy, something the constitution forbids. She openly states that the constitution is irrelevant to her. She openly supports giving precedence to foreign laws and courts over that of the US. She is a racist. Democrats were were the staffers of other democrat judges have stated that she has shown that her intelligence is in question, that she doesn't understand the law, and frequently misrepresents and misinforms those who appear before her. Her arguments aren't sound, and show a lack of discernment and depth of understanding on her part. She prefers to expound ad nauseum, and has quite frequently, on judicial panels, been told to rein herself in by other judges. Sotomayor would exploit such a position for her own profit and agenda, and has no business being on the SCOTUS.