Friday, May 08, 2009

Katherine Schori, Shameless Hypocrite, and the ACC, Gutless Wonder

TEC Presiding “Bishop” Katherine Schori indeed knows no shame. In the midst of pushing a litigation blitzkrieg against the orthodox, which includes scuttling an immanent settlement in the Diocese of Virginia, she offers the Anglican Consultative Council a resolution on . . . peacemaking.

Yeah. Stalin and Mao were all for peace, too, after they killed their opponents, of course.

As for the ACC, it once again reveals what a useless, gutless wonder it is by passing her resolution without opposition. If any delegate called out Schori for her hypocrisy, I certainly haven’t heard of it. And, remember, the ACC has ignored Schori’s persecution of the faithful via litigation.

The ACC met in Jamaica, and a UN Human Rights Commission broke out.


UPDATE: It looks like some in the ACC may not be completely without intestines after all. According to this live blog, the ACC just came one vote short (Remember the Church of Uganda delegate who was unseated?) of restoring the missing fourth moratorium on litigation.

And from the debate, it appears there’s not a little unhappiness on the floor. I may have more comment after the smoke clears.


robroy said...

tengatenga is the new president. Another blogger said that it was Ms Schori's choice because his is "pliable."

TLF+ said...

They're not gutless. Gutless would leave them too soft to be cruel.

They're cold blooded. Reptilian.

I used to argue against the old thing about "Henry VIIV created his own church." But it's true. A wordy, bureaucratic church set up to legitimate the power, sex and treasure needs of the entitled.

Anonymous said...

They're cold blooded. Reptilian. is well befitting the seeds of the serpent.

And now with power resting in the JSC, control rests pretty solidly in the hands of the American Primate.

The AC has no discipline and has repeatedly failed to take a stand on bodies that, although carrying the name are not churches (TEC meets neither creedal nor reformation definitions). Having established that being a Church is not a requirement for membership they might as well let in the Islamists and a football team or two.

Why the ACNA would want to join that mess is beyond me. Without biblical discipline it is just another country club.