Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A Super Sunday (except for Obama)

(Yes, I am a bit slow to blog.  I’ve got so much (good stuff) on my plate, it’s spilling over.  No, I haven’t forgotten this is the 10th anniversary month of this blog.)

This past Sunday was a super one indeed for me.  I had a Super Bowl party at my place.  And I enjoyed people enjoying my place even more than I enjoyed the game.

And what a bizarre game!   I thought the Seahawks had a chance but I did not expect them to blow out the Broncos.  I really thought the Broncos might blow out the Seahawks.  I am happy for the result although during the game, I was thinking I would have enjoyed it more if I hated the Seahawks’ opposition!  And as I’ve posted, I love both the Seahawks and the Broncos.

My thoughts went back to the other time the Seahawks made the Super Bowl.  This year’s result cannot undo that travesty.  But in my heart, this one is for that team.

Before all that my Rector preached an excellent balanced sermon on authority.  Part of it comforted me by reminding me that tyrannies all come to a bad end.  I need to be so reminded frequently nowadays!

Speaking of which, the more I think of Obama’s Sunday interview, particularly his assertion that there is “not even a smidgeon of corruption” in IRS targeting of conservatives, the more I shake my head.  To adapt a proverb, “The tyrant wipes his mouth and says, ‘I have done no wrong.’”

Oh, and the attention on IRS targeting is Fox News’ fault.  Yeah.

This is the sort of absurdity one hears from tyrants when their evil is being exposed.  It may come back to bite Obama.  It certainly should.

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