Friday, February 21, 2014

10th Anniversary: No Safe Place (not even at Nashotah House)

From time to time I have written series during the ten years of this blog.  One was “No Safe Place” begun in October 2006.  In said series, I contended there was no safe place for the orthodox in The Episcopal Church and likeminded mainline denominations.

I had no idea how timely the commencement of that series would become.  October 2006 was an especially trying month for orthodox in The Episcopal Church. (Yes, that is saying something.)  In response to events, I made a number of posts in that new series that very month.

Events in the Diocese of Dallas were particularly disturbing that October.  In response, I pointed out . . .

Relying on an orthodox bishop (or presbytery or the like) in a liberal denomination is a thin reed to lean on. That bishop won’t be bishop forever. And even while he is bishop, there’s usually no guarantee he won’t blink when the time comes to lead . . .

An orthodox diocese or parish in an apostate denomination is indeed one weak decision or one weak or unfaithful leader away from capitulation to the dominant apostasy.

Sadly, the same could be said for an orthodox seminary.  Most readers are well aware that TEC Presiding “Bishop” Katharine Schori has been invited to preach at Nashotah House of all places.  I confess I have not followed doings at Nashotah House closely, but I thought it a bulwark of orthodox Anglicanism.  No more, apparently.

The previous Dean of Nashotah House, Robert Munday, has posted what has led to this point.  Do go read; for what he describes is a textbook example of a liberal takeover of an orthodox institution.  Munday was pushed out by Bishop Salmon and allies.  And Bishop Salmon almost immediately began pushing the seminary closer to Episcopalian apostates.  The invitation to Schori is a crowning jewel of that push.

Again it only takes one bishop, dean, or rector to lose an orthodox place to the dominant apostasy of a denomination like The Episcopal Church.

This is one reason Munday asserts, “You can have orthodoxy or you can have the Episcopal Church, but you can't have both.”

It’s sad to say, but I was all too right back in October 2006.


Maxine Schell said...

Really sad, isn't it?

Maxine Schell said...

Really sad, isn't it?

Alexi said...

Ummm, jumping to conclusions a bit soon aren't we? Bishop Salmon has been dean of Nashotah for several years and if the plan was for him to lead a liberal take over of Nashotah, it would have taken place long ago. Also, if you think Bishop Salmon is progressive liberal like KJS you are simply mistaken. He is not. I suggest you watch Kevin Kallsen's interview of Bishop Salmon for his explanation. Besides, she has not even preached yet and everybody is already predicting the demise of Nashotah. Insulting, very insulting to Nashotah House.

Mark said...

I'm thankful for the opportunity to clarify that I do NOT think Bishop Salmon is a liberal.

But weak, accommodating leadership enables apostates. Always has; always will. I think we are seeing that here. I would be glad to be proven wrong.