Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coalition of African American Pastors call for impeachment of Eric Holder

If you think Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached you’re RAAAACIST!... Or not.

Holder has given cover to states’ attorneys general to subvert the constitutions and laws of their states.  He has advised them not to defend their states’ laws against same-sex marriage.

This subversion of the rule of law was the last straw for the Coalition of African American Pastors.  They have started a petition calling for the impeachment of Eric Holder.  They must be Black White Supremacists* or something.  I’m confused.  Anyway, yes, I have signed… because I’m also very racist, you know.

Would that the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives had the courage of these pastors.  I am getting tired of all talk and no action from Speaker Boehner and company.  The Obama Regime is running roughshod over the Constitution and the rule of law…. And Establishment Republicans are more concerned about going after the tea partiers who want to stop Obama.

*Apologies to Dave Chappelle, who is a brilliant comedian, by the way.

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