Wednesday, February 05, 2014

10th Anniversary: Why “WannabeAnglican”?

On this, the 10th Anniversary month of this blog, some, especially newer readers, may wonder why I’ve dubbed this blog and myself “WannabeAnglican.”  As I explained on the very first day of this blog, on said day I was not an Anglican, but very interested in becoming one.  By the time I began this blog, I was hoping there was a viable way for me to become one.  But I realized that was not a certainty due to *ahem* issues in the Anglican Communion and to my admittedly being something of a square peg.

But, thanks be to God, I did become a confirmed Anglican that September.  Which led to the issue of what I should call the blog now that I was an actual Anglican.  I eventually decided to change the name to “Newbie Anglican.”  In the title bar, I struck out “Wannabe” and replaced it with “Newbie.”

The problem was that led to some confusion.  The URL out of necessity retained the “wannabeanglican” name.  So it became confusing for people to find me.  And many remembered me as WannabeAnglican.  When some saw Newbie Anglican, they thought it might be someone else.

Then I found out – because some were so snooty as to make me find out – that since I had not joined a church in *sniff* communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, some considered me not a real Anglican.  Most of those who so opined retained barely a semblance of orthodox Anglican faith, but there you go.

So I decided to resimplify matters and also mock those who did not recognize me as an Anglican by returning to the WannabeAnglican name.  And thus I still am after almost ten years as an actual Anglican.

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