Friday, February 14, 2014

An Ignorant Dictator in a Black Robe

Whatever one thinks of gay marriage, the ruling of Federal Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen (By the way, anyone notice that the more names a woman uses, the more likely she’s a liberal drone?) striking down Virginia’s gay marriage law is tyrannical and downright ignorant.

Why tyrannical?  She struck down a Virginia Constitutional Amendment approved by voters in 2006.  She put her dictate above that of Virginians to amend their Constitution.  Her word is more important than constitutional democracy itself.

Why ignorant?  She demonstrated for all to see that she doesn’t know the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence from Obama’s . . . aura.  In an already cloyingly written ruling comes this gem:

Our Constitution declares that “all men” are created equal. . . .

That’s the Declaration of Independence that says that, lady.

But who cares about the Constitution anyway.  The whims of The Dear Leader and of allied dictators in black robes are so much more important, don’tcha know.

MORE: She is an Obama appointee.  Why am I not surprised?

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