Thursday, February 06, 2014

10th Anniversary: Predictions

During the ten years of this blog, I have at diverse times foolishly ventured to make predictions.  Sometimes, I just cannot help myself.  Sometimes I could later say, “I told you so.”  Whereas other times . . .

Anyway, I did make two very good albeit hedged predictions about the Episcopal Church way back in 2005.

First, I pretty much predicted The Episcopal Church would not be suspended from the Anglican Communion, and that during a time when there were noises that they would:

Still, I have seen liberals get away with murder in mainline denominations again and again. Partly out of that experience, my gut feeling is that the ECUSA will get away with its disregard of the instruments of authority in the Anglican Communion. Plus there has been talk that ++Rowan Williams simply will not go along with suspending the ECUSA. I do hope and pray that such talk and my gut feelings are what are being unrealistic. We’ll see.

Second, and this was even better, I predicted that 2008 would be “a year of schism.” 

I don’t know what the next three years will look like, particularly what 2008 will look like. I do think that will be a year of schism. I’m not predicting dioceses will leave ECUSA, but that is possible.

Sure enough, the dioceses of Pittsburgh, Ft. Worth, and Quincy left The Episcopal Church in 2008.  Again, I made that prediction in 2005.  I nearly forgot about that and now wish I had been more dogmatic about it!

Unfortunately, I was rather dogmatic about my prediction that Mitt Romney would be elected President.  That came to a miserable end for all to see on Election Night.

Yet the following January, I dusted myself off and bravely predicted the self-destruction of Obama, and hence began my Downfall series.  Obama seems to be getting away with so much that at times I wonder if that whole series will prove to be one big failed prediction.  We shall see.  I think the most important of my Downfall predictions is about Obamacare:

I think Obamacare will be the biggest factor in the Downfall of the Obama Regime.  Americans have been very tolerant towards Obama, too much so.  Anger and frustration with Obamacare could be the tidalwave that washes that tolerance away.  It will thereby increase the downward political drag of all the other heretofore overlooked enormities of the Obama Administration.

That one is looking it might be right at the moment.  But, as with all my foolish predictions, we shall see.

I feel like I should mark my 10th anniversary with another big and foolish brave prediction.  But I do not have one in me at the moment.  If and when I do, I’ll let you know.

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