Wednesday, February 19, 2014

10th Anniversary: Why the Increased Political Emphasis?

Longtime readers may have noticed that, back around 2008, I turned towards focusing more on politics.  It was not a decision I made one day, and it certainly was not a turn I intended when I began this blog ten years ago this month.  And perhaps some would I had not made that turn.

I always gave myself room to ponder “worldly things”.  And I have certainly not hid my interest in politics.  But back in 2008, I saw the danger Obama presented to this nation.  And I had enough political experience and clarity that I thought it my duty to do my part to alert people.  As in Ezekiel 33, how people respond to warnings is not my responsibility, but to sound the warning when I see danger is.

Moreover, I saw early on that the news media was going to give Obama a pass and not do much vetting at all.  Helping fix the election of the First Black President! was more the order of the day for them.  So I thought it was important for bloggers to do what the news media should have been doing.

Events have and are proving me right as they all too often do.  I was particularly prescient in pointing out Obama’s attitude about free speech, and that back in August 2008. I was also early in calling him out as a liar.

Once Obama was inaugurated, 2009 was so dark, it affected me personally.  I do not recall sharing that here, but seeing what Obama and his allies were doing to this country so quickly dragged down my spirits.

I do not know how much I will focus on politics in the future.  That depends at least in part on my interest and on the need.  Perhaps we turn back towards sanity, which may not be as blogworthy or interesting.  “May you live in interesting times” is a curse for a reason, you know.  On the other hand, if things get much worse, I may have to decide whether taking part in documenting the demise of America is something I want to take on.  There could be a point when I decide I’ve done my duty already.

Yes, I do think things are that bad.  No, the demise of the country I love is not a pleasant thing to contemplate.  I pray for my country just about every day. 

But I know we are not exempt from God’s justice and from reaping what we are sowing.

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