Thursday, February 13, 2014

Justin Welby Did See and Authorize Statement Praising Schori

I have not posted about it here, but many of my informed readers are aware that a statement was issued under Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s name praising TEC Presiding “Bishop” Katharine Schori for her “compassion” and putting her forth as a role model no less.

The statement was so divorced from the reality of her ravenous persecution of the faithful that some suggested said statement was issued by Lambeth bureaucrats without the explicit approval of Welby.

But Lambeth has since shot down that theory.  Peter Ould has passed on that they were “incredibly quick to tell me that ++Justin had seen and authorised the statement.”

And it is an outrageous and offensive statement so to praise such an apostate willful persecutor of the faithful as a compassionate role model.  I most certainly am outraged.

Long time readers know I was no fan of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury.  But Justin Welby may use up my last straw faster than Dr. Williams.  (And, for the record, Rowan used up my straw in September 2007.)

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