Saturday, December 31, 2016

How can I beat this prediction?

This is a time when many make predictions for the coming year.  But a prediction I made last year was so good, there is no way I can top it.  So I simply say . . . I told you so . . . back in January 2016:

Can it be any clearer that a lot of people out there are angry at being unrepresented by the establishments of both parties?

So I’ve got a 2016 prediction you can add to the zillions you’ve heard already ‘cept mine is better.  2016 will be the Revenge of the Unrepresented.   One result will be the nomination of Donald Trump this summer or the defeat of Hillary Clinton this November. 

And do not be too shocked if it will be both.

Dang, I’m good sometimes!

I hope all my good readers have a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

To prepare for the onslaught of lies against Jeff Sessions…

. . . I have come across no better prep for the DemocRAT lies sure to be told against Jeff Sessions next month than this long and thorough debunking - Dissecting Slander: The Untold Story of Jeff Sessions’ 1986 ‘Borking’.

I could and may say more, but if you care at all about who is Attorney General – and you should – read it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obama Imports More Terrorists

Obama seems determined to endanger us as much as possible before January 20th.

In the first 84 days of the 2017 fiscal year (October 1, 2016 - December 23, 2016), the Obama administration has accepted 25,584 refugees into the United States, according to data provided by the State Department.  Per Breitbart, compared to the same period in FY2016, that represents an 86% increase year-over-year.

And, yes…

…per data from the U.S. State Department, the overwhelming majority of refugees admitted into the U.S. over the past couple of months are coming from Syria, Iraq and Somalia...

Whom we know are all such lovely people.

At best, this is inexcusable recklessness that endangers American lives and will tax communities that much more with dangerous invaders.   Yes, that is what too many of them are.

But then the safety and freedom of American citizens has always been rather low on Obama’s list of priorities.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Has Begun.

In the Chapel of Kings,
a lone boy has sung.
The glorious feast of Christmas . . .

has begun.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Poor St. Thomas

Today is St. Thomas’ Day.  If you forgot that, it’s okay.  I suspect most years I forget also.  Thomas is surely used to the indignity by now anyway.

And placing his day right before Christmas is an invitation to forgetfulness.  What’s worse is the Book of Common Prayer collect.

ALMIGHTY and everliving God, who for the
more confirmation of the faith didst suffer
thy holy Apostle Thomas to be doubtful in thy
Son’s resurrection: Grant us so perfectly, and
without all doubt, to believe in thy Son Jesus
Christ, that our faith in thy sight may never be
reproved. Hear us, 0 Lord, through the same
Jesus Christ, to whom, with thee and the Holy
Spirit, be all honour and glory, now and for
evermore. Amen.

Nothing about his martyrdom or steadfastness or any “good example” of his.  Just “help us not to be a doubter like ‘thy holy Apostle Thomas’ there . . . the doubter. We really don’t want to embarrass ourselves right in front of thee like he did.”

It’s interesting that Cranmer completely rewrote the collect for the Feast of St. Thomas.  The previous Sarum collect did not mention his doubt at all and even holds forth his faith as an example to follow.  It seems Cranmer had it in for him or was in a mood when he got to that part of the BCP.

Well, by now Thomas is probably a good sport about it all – and that is surely a good example to follow.

Have a good St. Thomas’ Day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Electoral College Thoughts

Well, yesterday Trump won, again, in the Electoral College.  I rather enjoy having a President-Elect who beats Democrats, is good at it, and enjoys it.  What a novelty!

Now whining whiners . . .
. . . whine about Hillary winning the popular vote.  But that only confirms the Founders’ wisdom in how we elect Presidents.  I, for one, do not want to be ruled by bigoted narrow cities and regions who either pad their DemocRAT vote totals with felons, illegals, and the departed, have profoundly un-American values, want to tell the rest of the nation how to run their lives, or all of the above.

And those regions are indeed narrow.  Here’s a good map to give an idea of that. 
Someone who wants to be President of the United States needs to demonstrate to the electorate that they will indeed be President of the United States, not just of California (which alone provided Hillary her popular vote margin) and New York City and a few other Leftist hell holes.  We don’t need a POTUS who sees the rest of us as “deplorables.”  The Electoral College yesterday protected us from just that.

One last thought – I want those who threatened the lives of Electoral College Electors in prison.  I mean it.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Washington Post’s Dionne Pushes Coup

No, I am not going to link to the contemptible Washington Post or to its even more contemptible old DemocRAT hack E. J. Dionne.  But if you can stomach reading the column in question over at RealClear Politics, have at it.

It suffices to say Dionne is among the DemocRATS advocating a coup against Trump and the November election in the Electoral College.

Whenever Democrats ask for our votes in the future, remember Democrats have worked again and again to nullify our votes in the past . . . and now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Now Remoaners are blaming the Russians for Brexit.  I am not kidding.

According to a former Labour Member of Parliament, Russian hackers "probably" swayed the EU referendum vote in favor of Brexit. Because - as is all too clear by now - when all else fails, and one needs a scapegoat that is too amused to respond to silly allegations, just blame the Russians.

As SkyNews reports, leading Remain campaigner Ben Bradshaw has joined the parade, and questioned the validity of the stunning June result, claiming people were underestimating the extent of cyber warfare by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was not exactly clear how Putin "hacked" the UK, or the millions who voted for Brexit, but we'll let that slide for now.

As will I.

Massive Election Fraud in Detroit? I’m shocked! Shocked!

Voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have during last month’s presidential election, according to Wayne County records prepared at the request of The Detroit News.
Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books.

Again, Republicans not only have to gain more legit votes than Democrats; they have to get enough votes to overcome Democrook election fraud.  But that is exactly what Trump did in Michigan of all places.  A tip of the hat to him.

And a tip of the hat to the Instapundit.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Now Some Good News . . . In Other Words, Bad News For “Hamilton Electors”

After my fear and loathing yesterday, I feel I owe you a happy post today, so . . .

A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by two Colorado electors to unbind their votes in the Electoral College, saying the effort designed to impede Donald Trump’s path to the White House is “a political stunt.”

The treasonous coup plotters “Hamilton Electors” aren’t giving up yet, of course.  But so far those Electors defecting from Trump in the Electoral College appear to be so few, perhaps just one, that . . .

Right now, it appears that Hillary Clinton will lose more electors than will Donald Trump, which would be the most 2016 thing ever.

As if I’m not feeling warm and Christmasy enough already.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Are you going to blame the recount on the Russians, too?

Wisconsin's historic presidential recount ended Monday and resulted in a net gain of 131 votes for President-elect Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton . . .

Attempted Coup?: DemocRATS STILL Trying to Steal This Election

I do not think they will succeed.  But I have to admit I am more nervous than most.  Here are some of the latest goings-on in the attempt to delegitimize and steal the Presidential election:

In our initial take on the Washington Post's story about the "secret" CIA assessment that Russia helped Trump win the election (since contested by the FBI), we said that this may amount to nothing short of a "soft coup" attempt by leaders in the US Intel community and the Obama administration, and warned to expect of a push by prominent democrats to pressure the electoral college to "take into consideration" these findings next Monday, on December 19, when the formal vote for president is set to take place.
This is how we summarized the newly-formed narrative:
1     Announce "consensus" (not unanimous) "conclusion" based in circumstantial evidence now, before the Electoral College vote, then write a report with actual details due by Jan 20.
2     Put a proven liar - James Clapper - in charge of writing the report on Russian hacking.
3     Fail to mention that not one of the leaked DNC or Podesta emails has been shown to be inauthentic. So the supposed Russian hacking simply revealed truth about Hillary, DNC, and MSM collusion and corruption. . . .
To be sure, shortly after our post, first Paul Krugman, then other prominent liberals including Nate Silver and various House representative, validated out point: if Russia has indeed intervened, then the electoral college must be made aware, and briefed ahead of the Dec. 19 vote. It culminated with a Politico report on Saturday, according to which a Democratic congressman suggested that members of the Electoral College should be able to consider Russian interference in the presidential election — and whether it influenced the outcome — when deciding how to cast their vote.

Yes, it all sounds like conspiratorial crazy talk, I know.  But who expected such opposition and smoke around a clear and decisive election already?

The CIA has backed coups in other countries.  Now it seems the CIA is backing an attempted coup in the U. S.!

I’m afraid I’m only half-joking there.

By the way, this is an area in which both parties infuriate me.  If a Republican is elected fair and square, Democrats often attempt to delegitimize or even steal the election afterwards.  See the 2000 Presidential election and the 2008 Minnesota Senate election and . . . 

On the other hand, if a Democrat is elected with the help of massive fraud, the Republicans play nice.  See the 2012 and 1960 Presidental elections.

That is one reason U. S. elections really are rigged – Republicans have to win votes well, heck, far beyond the margin of fraud and chicanery.  That Trump succeeded in doing so, save a successful coup, doesn’t end this perversion of our constitutional democracy.

By the way, this story is getting bigger faster than I can post this.  I'm thinking I should take that question mark out of the title.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Barack Obama, Champion of Clean Elections

He wasn’t concerned about illegals, felons, and dead people voting.  He didn’t mind the massive election fraud on his behalf in 2012.  His Justice Department opposed Voter ID at every turn.  But now that DemocRAT fraud wasn’t enough to steal the election for Hillary, he’s oh-so concerned those Rooskies hacked our election.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Yes, I’ve been quiet lately on here.  I find that the times when I have the time and energy and motivation to make a post of any length are getting fewer and fewer.  And with my studies continuing, it may remain that way for a while.

I remember blogging away when I was studying at CMRS Oxford in 2007. How did I do that?

Anyway, I have decided to experiment with making more very short posts in the style of InstaPundit, a favorite blog.  I think that would go better with my current lifestyle and would make this blog more active.  We’ll see how that works.

Of course, I will occasionally still make a longer post.  You know how I am about ranting.

By the way, studies and life are going very well.  I hope you, too, are having a blessed Advent.