Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This will not end well.

Last night was yet another episode of Leftists directly attacking the rights of Americans and completely getting away with it.  Leftist thugs, mostly of the Black Lives Matter ilk, pretty much shut down a DePaul College Republican event with Milo Yiannopoulos as the main speaker.  And that while security, which College Republicans and Breitbart News were forced to pay for, just watched.

Well, there was one arrest . . . of a Breitbart News cameraman. 

Of course, last night also brought a violent Leftist protest at a Trump appearance in New Mexico.  But at least the Albuquerque Police made a good faith effort to stop them.

Elsewhere that has often not been the case.  The Black Lives Matter crowd has particularly been handled with kid gloves even as they block traffic on major roads.  I remember one such episode in which police just watched as Black Lives Matter blocked off traffic.  But when a driver very slowly tried to get through, he was arrested!  (Sorry.  This has been some time back and I cannot find the episode online.)

Things have gotten so bad in this country, I hesitate to make predictions for fear I will be seen as inciting something.  But I will allow my logical readers to put two and two together.

You have Leftists who time and again directly attack the Constitutional rights of Americans, particularly free speech and freedom to travel, especially necessary travel to work, etc.  And you have millions of Americans who are fed up with their rights being attacked and who see that the authorities not only do not defend their Constitutional rights, but also attack said rights themselves.

The episode at DePaul is that in a microcosm.  To my knowledge, not a single Leftist was arrested.  The Leftists were allowed to shut down freedom of speech at an event.  But a conservative journalist was arrested!

Some Americans may see numerous episodes like this and think that the authorities will not defend their rights, so they will have to defend their rights themselves.

I’m afraid soon the two aforementioned groups of predatory Leftists and fed up Americans will meet in great numbers with . . . consequences.  And by “soon,” I mean at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Really, the Republican National Committee was foolish to pick Cleveland for the convention.  Cleveland is a DemocRAT hole.  Can that trashy city government be trusted to defend Republicans – Trump supporters especially – from the Leftists who will surely flock there in the thousands?

Hey, Cleveland, you don’t like me calling you out?  Then prove me wrong.  Prove you are willing and able to defend the rights of the Republicans coming to your fine city.

So in Cleveland, you will have a combination of predatory Leftists, fed up Americans, and a city government who probably doesn’t care much about defending the rights of Americans, especially Republicans.  If the Trump people want their rights genuinely defended, they may find themselves having to do it themselves.  And some understandably won’t be in the mood to be gentle about it.

Again, I would rather not spell out what that might look at.  But this pattern of Leftists directly attacking our rights and authorities doing precious little about it cannot end well.

Friday, May 20, 2016

About Those Switched House Votes

Yesterday, there was quite a commotion on the floor of the House of Representatives about an amendment pushed by the Gay Mafia.  Several Republicans switched their votes to defeat it, which prompted Democrats to carry on and play the outrage game.

Oh, you want a less biased view of what happened?  Here is The Hill’s reporting:

The failed amendment would have effectively nullified a provision in the defense authorization that the House passed late Wednesday night. The language embedded in the defense bill states that religious corporations, associations and institutions that receive federal contracts can't be discriminated against on the basis of religion.

Democrats warn that such a provision could potentially allow discrimination against the LGBT community in the name of religious freedom. Maloney's amendment specifically would prohibit funds to implement contracts with any company that doesn't comply with President Obama's executive orderbanning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT workers.

Thus what Republicans voted down was another attempt to put LGBT demands over religious freedom.  The Obama regime has already attacked religious freedom among the military and pushed political correctness and the LGBTQXYZ agenda in the armed forces as well.  The amendment would have furthered that.  A narrow majority in the House rightly said, “No.”

But that is not how it being reported.  Fakebook Facebook is yet again a negative example of media bias, describing the story this way in its trending section:

House of Representatives: Verbal Clash Occurs on House Floor After LGBT Rights Bill Defeated

No mention of the religious freedom issues involved in the headline.  One would think it was all about the mean majority defeating the rights of those poor, put upon, LGBT people.

And elsewhere one has to dig deep to find out that the defeated amendment would have further eroded freedom of religion.  Even (especially?) a Google search is not as helpful as it should be to get to the heart of the matter - that this was a fight over freedom of religion.

But the LGBTQXYZ agenda is so much more important than Freedom of Religion to the “mainstream” media and Silicon Valley, don’t you know.

Anyway, although I have studies to attend to, I wanted to do my part to blow the cover off this spin from Silicon Valley and the “mainstream” Democrat news media.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Significance of Trump’s Supreme Court List

Yesterday, Donald Trump released a list of eleven judges he would consider appointing to the Supreme Court.  Conservatives, including some not at all well disposed towards Trump, are impressed.

I find this significant.  Conservatives like me knew Hillary Clinton would appoint horrific Supreme Court Justices but also had little to no confidence in Trump’s wisdom in making SCOTUS appointments.  But now Trump is laying out that his Supreme Court appointments would likely be excellent or at least far better than Hillary’s.  And it may make Supreme Court appointments the issue it should be in this election.

Frankly, this assurance makes it more likely that I will hold my nose and vote for Trump.  And I am someone who has been profoundly unhappy with him as a perusal of some past posts will reveal.

Thus, if I am any indicator at all, Trump’s move was a smart and significant one politically as well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fake Hate Cake

When the “FAG” cake story came out last month, I smelled yet another fake hate hoax.  But I was actually prudent and decided to let more facts come out before opining.

And sure enough, it has been exposed as yet another fake hate hoax.  Libchurch perp Pastor Jordan Brown has somewhat apologized and confessed Whole Foods did “nothing wrong.”

I think this a good time to remind readers of one of my Laws of Political Life . . . . Well, I haven’t actually written down such.  But if I did, one of them would be . . .

Leftists lie.

Yes, there are noble exceptions.  Alan Dershowitz and Dennis Kucinich come to mind.  But lying is in the DNA of Leftism.  Various mutations of Leftism put total victory over political opponents above life, liberty, and truth.  Look at the millions upon millions that Communism has killed and enslaved.  If you can do that or support that or even downplay that and sleep at night, then lying comes easy.

And from my decades of observing politics I can assure you Leftists lie a lot.  (Learning this has been a shock at times for me.) If you recognize that if a Leftist has his mouth open, he is probably eating or lying, it will greatly assist your understanding of what really is going on.

And we are seeing that demonstrated time and time again in the epidemic of fake hate hoaxes.


By the way, include libchurch leaders like Jordan Brown in that.  Libchurch leaders lie, too.  Those who present themselves as Christians while knowingly denying the basics of the Faith have a seared conscience and serious demonstrated problems in dealing with truth.

And if you think I’m harsh, read what St. Paul wrote.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama’s Bathroom Decree and the Absurdity of Tyranny

I will leave aside the moral and practical implications – and they are many – of the Obama Regime’s decree that public schools must let students go to the bathroom of their choice or else.

Much like the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, what strikes me most about this is the utter anti-democratic, anti-Constitution, and anti-rule-of-law nature of this decree. It is simply an exercise of raw arbitrary and unsanctioned power to impose social engineering. It uses the cudgels of lawsuits and federal funds to force public schools to enact a novel bathroom policy that has nothing to do with present law.  As if the framers or even the amenders of the Constitution ever intended the Federal Government to have anything like this kind of power.  As if those who voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 intended Joe Bob to be able to use the girls’ room.

Which leads me to the second aspect of this decree – its absurdity.  Yes, let’s get real.  That public schools be required by the Federal Government to let boys use the girls’ room is absurd at the very least.

But that is the nature of tyranny.  Tyrants impose absurdities upon the unfortunate people under them just because they can (or think they can).  Haircut rules in North Korea, laws on saluting in Nazi Germany, any number of silly campaigns under Mao are among the examples.  

That the President of the United States is also plunging us into the absurdity of tyranny is disturbing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When History Gets “Interesting” . . . and You’re In It.

Learned readers already know that “interesting” in the title above refers to that famous curse – “May you live in interesting times.”  Of course, the most interesting times in history are usually those most difficult to live in.  World War II, for example, or the Black Death of the mid-14th Century.

Lately as I watch current events, I think we are living in the midst of “interesting times”, times that are becoming a dark and difficult period of history.

So I am prompted to look at different responses to finding oneself in such times. . . . And most of the responses are wrong and therefore not helpful.

One wrong response is to trivialize it.  Such can really become offensive.  One reason we deplore Holocaust deniers and downplayers is that we in our hearts know it was a terrible episode involving the deaths of innocent millions.  To downplay that in any fashion is offensive indeed.

Different religions and philosophies can lead to downplaying tragedies of history.  Materialism and Darwinism teach that such are just part of life and even overall advancement in this material world and are neither really good or evil – one reason pure Materialists and pure Darwinists are rare.

Christians should not trivialize such tragedies but, in trying to be helpful, sometimes do by saying God is in control; God’s will and providence prevails, etc.  Those truths are all indeed true.  But truth can be misapplied.

Say you are at the foot of the cross.  Would it be appropriate to put on a smile and tell Mary that God is in control?  No, one should weep with Mary.  Weep with those who weep.

And no matter how much God was in control – and He was and is – the crucifixion of Christ is arguably the worst crime in history.  It should not be trivialized or bypassed in any fashion.

Further, a misapplication of the truth of God’s Sovereignty can lead to apathy.  And it can lead us to “falling down to the wicked” (Prov. 25:26), to letting evil have its way.  Thank God Charles Martel and his men instead fought with all they had in the face of wicked Muslim invaders who had already made North Africa a spiritual wasteland lest Europe meet the same fate.  (Would modern European leaders have that much wisdom!)

And, to be blunt, there has historically been too much pious apathy among American Christians.  How many do not even bother to vote!  This apathy has enabled the tyranny now taking over the United States.

So, no, trivializing historic tragedy and current evil and justifying one’s own inaction by saying God is in control is not a right and Christian response.  Christians should weep with those who weep and should pay more mind to their responsibilities to oppose evil.  God’s providence is no excuse for our apathy and putrid laziness.

*Takes breath*  I hope to address other wrong responses to evil times in future posts.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Resuming Formal Studies

I found out yesterday that I will be resuming formal studies by earning a Certificate of Anglican Studies from a reputable U. S. seminary’s distance program.

I had been seeking, for a year or more, how best to resume formal studies.  The process has taxed my patience although I can say I practiced patience well, at least for me.  But I cannot say I have made excellent use of this in-between time, the time between publishing and promoting my novel Pilot Point and resuming formal studies.  Like many men, without a clear purpose and goal, I flounder a bit.  It hasn’t helped that figuring out the best way to resume studies has taken longer than I originally expected.

Yes, I certainly have had enough to do and enough business to take care of.  But without a compelling and clear goal, that hardly motivates.  So I’ve floundered.  I’m not making excuses.  But I’m a sinful man, and that’s how sinful men are.

So I am glad the in-between time is over.  For the next year or so, God willing, my focus will be on earning a Certificate of Anglican Studies.

That priority may make my posting here less frequent.  Or, who knows, what I study may inspire more posts.  But I suspect it will be the former.

I hope that earning my certificate will make my future writing here and elsewhere that much more erudite and effective.  One can study, hope, and pray for that anyway.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Corbyn, Communism, and Double Standards

Imagine if Donald Trump, David Cameron, or Nigel Farage were to speak at a Fascist event in which portraits of Adolf Hitler were lovingly marched through the streets.  Imagine the outrage.

Let’s flip it – and we don’t have to imagine.  British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke at a May Day event in which portraits of Stalin were lovingly marched through the streets.

No, there was not much outrage.

This is part of the double standard in the West.  If anyone has any verifiable background of pro-Hitler sympathies, he is rightly drummed out of public life (if he isn’t Muslim, that is).  But any number of people with radical Left sympathies get a free pass.  And that when the radical Left is a far bigger threat to Western freedom than the fascist Right and has been for decades.

But if someone seeks to expose radical Left backgrounds, he is denounced as a McCarthyite or a bigot or the like.  This while those who hunt very old and inactive Nazis are lionized.  And, yes, Nazi hunters deserve praise for helping bring genocidal criminals to justice.  But where is the zeal in going after the criminals of the Mao, Pol Pot, or any number of murderous Communist regimes?

As horrific as the Hitler regime was, Communists, Socialists if you will, have killed many more people and done more harm than the Nazis ever did.

It is past time we acted like it and treated those aligned with the radical Left with the same contempt and ostracism we do those aligned with Nazis and neo-Nazis.