Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Not Trusting Trump

With today being Super Tuesday, I might as well chime in with everyone else.

I early voted for Ted Cruz.  I can trust Ted Cruz more than any other candidate (even of the original 18,523 candidates) to defend the Constitution, defend our Constitutional freedoms, and get a good start on rolling back the enormities of the past eight years.

Trump? To be honest, I think he can be a good President.  But will he?

I simply cannot trust him.  He has flip-flopped around on too many important issues, including the issue that got him rolling, immigration.  Not to mention (But I sure as heck will.) that he once took Leftist positions on abortion and universal healthcare.  AND he has been a big contributor to liberal Democrats, including Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

And now I am supposed to trust Trump?


I trust Ted, thank you.

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BillB said...

I think Trump will be Obama 2.0 with respect to many things. Trump has already spoken about when he "reigns". He too will have a cell phone and a pen. He is currently an autocrat within his "(business)kingdom". And he is a narcissist to boot.