Friday, March 18, 2016

Republicans Must Behave at the Convention . . . ALL Republicans

Yes, there has been a lot of talk about what might and/or should transpire at the Republican National Convention this summer.  But just about all that I have seen or heard has been biased toward either Trump or the GOP Establishment.  I have a more balanced viewpoint, and an entirely correct one, of course.  Plus I enjoy annoying everyone.  So here goes.

Trump and His Trumpistas Must Behave at the Convention

If Trump earns through the primaries and caucuses the majority of delegates, then barring some serious new revelation of turpitude, he should be the nominee.  Fair enough.

BUT if he falls short, then he is not entitled to the nomination.  And if the majority of the delegates, those not pledged to Trump, refuse to nominate him, Trump and his crowd have no reason to complain.  That’s politics and democracy, people.

In other words, if Trump does not earn the majority of the delegates before the convention, then no crying (or rioting) from the Trump crowd. . . . 

Yes, that might be as likely as a 2 year old not whining.

The Establishment Must Behave at the Convention

Establishment Republicans need to recognize how profoundly they were voted down in the primaries even if they remain clueless that they richly deserved said thrashing.  If you combine the votes for Trump, Cruz, and Carson, it is clear the overwhelming majority of Republican Primary voters have voted against the Establishment.  The Establishment in turn must have the grace to accept that, for the first time since Reagan, this year they do not get to have an Establishment nominee.

Again, the likelihood of that is questionable.

Trump and Cruz will control a strong majority of the delegates.  So even in a brokered convention, I think it unlikely the Establishment will be able to nominate one of themselves.  Trump and Cruz will combine to block it and will be right to do so.

However, if somehow the Establishment succeeds in cramming a Ryan or a Romney or a Bush down our throats, it would be a disaster in November.  Too many would refuse to vote or would vote Third Party.  The Establishment winning this battle outright would mean losing the war, and they had better recognize that. 

Now if Trump does not have a majority of the delegates going into the convention, trying to get a better nominee is fair game.  But trying to get an Establishment nominee after primary voters have made it clear they do not want one would be spitting into the faces of voters with predictable consequences.

Everyone Must Behave at the Convention

The most likely outcome still is that Trump gets the nomination although that is by no means a certainty.  Although Trump is not the most desirable nominee (And remember that I have never backed him.), there is hope that he would be a tolerable President.  There is no such hope for Hillary.  So all parts of the party should get behind him should he be nominated.

And Trump and his followers should be gracious to all but complete and public turncoats . . . beginning now.  No more “Lying Ted,” Donald.  And his followers need to drop the attitude that anyone not yet backing Trump is a not a “Patriot” and is a “cuckservative” etc.  I’ve already blocked two on twitter and unfollowed more because I’m fed up with that crap.  Trump and his followers need to stop alienating people like me who might hold their noses and support him to stop Hillary.

Have I annoyed everyone yet?


Maxine Schell said...

I wish Trump would use a teleprompter ! (I can't believe I just said that !!!)

Mark said...

Actually he did at AIPAC.