Tuesday, March 01, 2016

John Cornyn, SHUT UP

So John Cornyn told CNN that nominating Trump would make it more difficult for Republicans to hold on to the Senate.

I had better step back from the keyboard and take a long, slow breath.

Okay. Let’s see.  Who is John Cornyn? He is the Senator from Texas who is part of Mitch McConnell’s leadership team.  As such, he is part and parcel of the strategy, if you can call it that, of enabling Obama instead of stopping him.  The Senate under that team time and again ignored the mandates of the 2010 and 2014 elections to stop Obama and instead pretended to oppose him while doing precious little to stop him.

The anger provoked by the Senate GOP’s willful failure is a big factor behind the rise of Donald Trump.

And NOW Cornyn warns us about Trump?  Cornyn warns us about the monster he helped create?

But there is still hope, however faint, of stopping Trump.  And that hope is Cornyn’s fellow Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.

But does Cornyn endorse Cruz?  No.  He couldn’t even bring himself to endorse Cruz after early voting.  Cornyn is too much of a RINOy establishment RINO to do that.

But he lectures us about Trump after he enables his rise and doesn’t lift a finger to support his fellow Texan and Trump’s strongest opponent.

Shut up, John Cornyn.  Just shut up.

And if Republicans lose the Senate, look in the mirror for the culprit, bud.


BillB said...

Happy Super Tuesday Mark!

I can't remember if he had opposition in the 2014 Primaries; I think he did and I voted for another person. But I do remember figuratively holding my nose when I voted for him in the 2014 general election. In 2020 I will vote against him in the primaries if I live that long and am still allowed to vote (another radical thought). John is the embodiment of a GOP Establishment RINO; his picture should be in the dictionary's definition of such.

Mark said...

Sorry for the delay in posting the comment. I missed it until just now.