Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Multiculturalism Kills

Yesterday in Belgium, we got another sad instance of the deadly nature of multiculturalism.

No, the terrorists were most certainly not multiculturalists.  They were/are the polar opposite.  But multiculturalism enabled the terrorists and invited them and people like them into Europe.

Multiculturalism holds that virtually all cultures are valid and good, and that a society is enriched by bringing in people from any number of cultures.  Buttressed by this view and by a mixture of both humanitarian and brazen political impulses (Remember UK’s Labour importing a more Labour-friendly electorate?), British and Europeans imported massive numbers of Muslims beginning in the Eighties.

Now anyone with common sense could have told you this was both literal and societal suicide.  Muslims from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia generally have values that are dead set opposed to Western values of freedom and (real) tolerance, not to mention what remains of Judeo-Christian heritage.  And they have a long history of violence against “infidels,” their lives, and their cultures from the very beginning of Islam.  Letting millions of such into Europe is asking for what has happened in Brussels and Paris and London, and it is asking for worse to come, both in deaths and in attacks on Western society and freedom.

Heck, it took Charles Martel to stop Muslims from subjugating Europe.  But now Europe lets them right on in? That is madness, if not treason.

But, hey, it gets Leftist political parties more votes.

And the madness is chiefly multiculturalism – a madness that considers inviting millions from a hateful, murderous culture into the heart of Western society to be the enlightened thing to do.

Multiculturalism kills.

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