Friday, March 11, 2016

Justin Welby Acknowledges Concerns About Immigration

Long time readers should sit down before I begin.
Seated?  Good.  I am going to praise the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Nobody has fainted?  Good.

Just so you know, no one has drugged me.  My praise is rational and justified. 

For Justin Welby has acknowledged concerns about immigration as legitimate.  Further, he has said it is “absolutely outrageous” to smear said concerns as racist.

Still further, he said the Church of England will not take a stand on the Brexit Referendum. 

Now, this stand may seem mild to some.  And Iain Duncan Smith certainly has a point that it is overdue. 

But, in the midst of C of E bishops who oft are the Labour Party at prayer and after the vitriol of years and decades toward those who want rational immigration restrictions and want out of the EU, Canterbury’s statement is courageous and needful.

I cannot let pass the contrast with the Vatican, which for decades has been cheerleaders of the EU Beast and remains so.

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Beneath the Firmament said...

Exactly. Islam is still the enemy of Christ! Christianity had defended Europe from the Mohammedans for centuries but political correctness has rendered the church powerless.
It is about time that aChristian leader has stuck his neck out to give concern.