Monday, March 07, 2016

Has Trump Peaked?

Briefly, two matters in the Republican Nomination race over the week that I think are not getting enough attention:

1.  Ted Cruz not only had a good Super Saturday handily winning Kansas and Maine and more delegates than Trump, he is now well within 100 delegates of Trump.  The count as I type this is Trump 384- Cruz 300.  And Trump has less than half of the delegates awarded so far.

Yes, Trump appears to be on the verge of winning Michigan and Florida.  But all the media noise early last week that Trump had it all sown up was mistaken.  Yes.  Shocking, I know.

I could mention other positive indicators for Cruz, such as his doing much better in the Louisiana Election Day vote than in the early vote.  But moving along . . .

2.   The media is missing how much Trump offended voters with his conduct during the latest Republican debate Thursday night.

Trump crossed the line when he repeated taunted Rubio as “Little Marco” and Cruz as “Lying Ted.”

Take myself as a barometer.  I do not like nor trust Marco Rubio and probably would vote 3rd Party if he somehow got the nomination.  But when Trump did his “Little Marco” act, I was greatly offended.

And when he repeatedly mouthed “Lying Ted,” I went incandescent.  Moreover, I went from probably voting for Trump in November if he got the nomination to being very doubtful.

By his classless conduct, I think Trump alienated and is alienating too many of those who might otherwise vote for him.

By the way, Saturday proved me right about what I said during the debate.

And so he did.  We shall see if he can overtake Trump.  Do not be too sure he cannot.

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