Tuesday, February 23, 2016

War Between Twitter and Conservatives Just Got Real

I’ve warned that free speech, namely Right of Center speech, was in danger at Twitter.  Well the war between Twitter and conservatives on the matter of free speech just got real.

Over the weekend, Robert Stacy McCain was banned from Twitter for telling it like it is about a feminazi feminist member of Twitter’s new shiny Leftist “Trust and Safety Council.”  Then Twitter doubled down by banning his book promotion identity as well after it quickly gained followers.

For some, this is the last straw.  Ace (of Ace of Spades) is taking his content off twitter.

And although I intend to make twitter ban me, I fully understand.

Adam Baldwin and Larry Correia have also had enough and are “done with Twitter.”

Da Tech Guy is following this well. 

As for me, although I’m not leaving Twitter yet, I will reecho what @Nero has said – it is time for another Twitter that actually upholds free speech.

Oh, and isn’t it interesting that Twitter is shadowbanning and banning conservatives now that it’s an election year.

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BillB said...

You probably will not see this in the MSM as they would love to be able to suppress all speech by conservatives since they are the same lot as those Leftist Progressive Liberals over at Twitter. Twitter is truly a bunch of Twits who would love to be the ruling Elites. Khrushchev was right in that we would do ourselves in.