Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Is free speech at Twitter in danger?

No, I do not want to jump to conclusions regarding the above question.  Yes, there are abusive twitter users who could use a good banning as at almost any popular social media platform.

Nonetheless, Twitter should be watched closely in 2016.  For they are implementing a stricter policy against abusive users.  And the question is whether definitions of “abuse” and “direct attacks” and the like will be used and twisted to ban legitimate speech, particularly by conservatives.  Such terms are easily manipulated.

For example, when I rightly call out #BlackLivesMatter or certain members of the same as #BlackRacists, will that be categorized by Twitter as “abuse” or a “direct attack”?

I doubt it.  But I would be na├»ve to ignore that a Social Justice Warrior mentality opposed to genuine free speech has infected society, including Twitter.  So, again, Twitter should be watched, particularly in this election year.

I am not alone in having this concern.

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