Friday, January 22, 2016

Hillary Intel “Smoking Gun” May Mean Turmoil Ahead

I am no intelligence expert, but the following is becoming clear even to your very humble blogger.

Hillary Clinton seriously violated the law concerning handling of national secrets.  Yes, it may have only been negligence on her part - although willful negligence is likely here - but it is serious nonetheless, involving intelligence more secret than Top Secret.  I am not exaggerating.  Investigators have had to up their clearance to look into this.  Hillary's nonchalance with national secrets is inexcusable, dangerous, and, yes, criminal.

So we will soon find out if, in Hillary’s own words, “No one is too big for jail.”  There will either be an indictment of Hillary Clinton or there will be a revolt within the FBI. The evidence is that damning. And that revolt could be big enough to bring about no small scandal.

Or this could all blow over and become yet another outrage Obama and Clinton get away with.  We shall see.

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