Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Merkel and Co. Should Have Known They Were Importing Taharrush

The world is, with difficulty, digesting the fact that hundreds of Middle Eastern “refugees” engaged in coordinated gang sex assaults in Cologne and elsewhere in Europe on New Years Eve.  And the more the truth is investigated, instead of covered up as some authorities did at first, the worse the known truth gets.

Shocking, yes.  But it really should not have been a shock to Merkel and other European leaders who imported these faux refugees and inflicted them on their people.  As Richard Fernandez points out, it was well known that the Middle East has a rape problem.

Even before the NYT article was published, academic researchers were already writing about a malignant practice called taharrush, which has become the term for mass sexual harassment. . . .

Whatever the name of this dark rite there was little doubt, as foreshadowed by the attack on Lara Logan Tahrir Square, that something bad was afoot. Yet the warnings  sounded in Egypt were  ignored in the West even after a movie was made out of it.

During the 2006 Eid el-Fitr holiday, groups of young men who turned away from a sold out movie at a cinema in the downtown area went on a mass sexual harassment spree, attacking women and girls (Ilahi 2008). What made this event significant is the fact that it was caught on video by mobile phones and was widely broadcasted via YouTube by prominent Egyptian bloggers, such as Wael Abbas and Malek X ...

In December 2010, the popular movie 678 was released, which was the first feature film produced in Egypt that focused on taŠł•arrush as a problem for women in public spaces.

And yet Obama and Hillary among other Democrats are following the European foolishness and importing those wonderful refugees.  Heck, Obama even had one as his guest at the State of the Union last night.  Hopefully they vetted him enough to make sure he wouldn’t go on a sexual harassment spree during the speech.

I guess American heroes are less worthy of Obama’s invitation.

But, again, multiculturalism is dangerous foolishness.  There are cultures we should not import en masse.  And Middle Eastern Muslim cultures, prone to rape and terror, sure as heck are among them.  Your man and woman on the street – especially certain unfortunate women – know this.

Obama and Merkel should have known.

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