Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump Brown Shirts Target Colorado GOP Officials

As much as I dislike and distrust Donald Trump, I should say at the top that a lot of good people are supporting him.  They know the current direction of this country is self-destructive, and they are trying to do their part to turn us around.  Now these good people are in part mistaken; Ted Cruz is a much better and more proven man to oppose the Washington Establishment and restore America, and Trump is not to be trusted.  But these are good people nonetheless.

Having said that, it has become more clear that there is at least an element of Trump’s support that are Nazi-like in their tactics.  And Trump heretofore has done little to discourage them in their predations.

The latest and perhaps most egregious example of that is the harassment and threats against Colorado Republican Party officials.  Trump did not organize well in Colorado at all.  Cruz did and therefore skunked Trump fair and square.  But Trump cried fraud and foul and . . . mainly he cried like the sore loser he is. 

And his rhetoric encouraged scum to post the home addresses of officials and to harass and threaten them.   The Party Chairman has received over 3000 calls including death threats.

The conduct of Trump and his camp has gone so far beyond common decency, I hesitate in how to characterize it.  It is not only concerning; it is alarming.  Personally, in light of how unhinged some of Trump’s supporters are, I am beginning to take precautions.  But more importantly, we all need to protect this country and defeat Trump and defeat him quickly.

Sorry if I am terse.  But seeing so many Trumpistas – and Trump himself – act like Leftists has honestly floored me in recent weeks.

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