Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Team Trump, Sore Losers

I was surprised twice last night.

First, I was pleasantly surprised by the margin of Ted Cruz’s victory in the Wisconsin Republican Primary.  I expected him to him handily, but the large margin of his victory surprised me (48.2% - 35.1% with all the precincts in).

Second, I was not so pleasantly surprised by the unhinged reaction by Trump and his sycophants.  There was the official campaign statement which continued the “Lyin’ Ted” routine, which accused Cruz of election fraud for the ninth state now . . .

. . . which called Cruz “worse than a puppet,” which . . . .  Hell, just read the awful statement for yourself.  Has Trump never heard of a gracious concession?  Does he really expect Cruz people to ever support him when he continues and escalates this crap?

As for his sycophants, Twitter became even more of a theatre of the absurd last night.  If you can stomach it, examine the feed of one @DaGodfather907, for example . . . carefully.  The gentleman is so unhinged, I am not directly linking him myself.  Last night, he repeatedly compared Cruz to Hitler.  When I called him out on it, he blocked me after a nutty reply.

And if you think he is a one off with 30 followers, he has over 44,000 followers (although I do wonder how many followers of him and other Trumpbots are real).  And I have unfollowed and blocked a number of other Trumpkins who have crossed lines.

Please don’t take this as a comment on all Trump people; I know and respect some good ones.  But last night brought out an element of derangement in Team Trump that goes beyond just being sore losers.

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