Friday, April 08, 2016

Kamala Harris’ Feminazi Police (Supported by Trump)

First, I apologize ahead of time for being slow to post on this.  Sometimes a story comes up that is so important I must post on it yet so provokes me to anger I do not entirely trust myself so to do.  But post I must.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has turned the CA Department of Justice into a Feminazi state police by raiding the home of citizen journalist David Daleiden, the man whose videos exposed the baby butchery operations of Planned Parenthood.

This raid is the stuff of totalitarian police states.  To sic state police on a citizen because he exposes a politically favored industry, which happens to donate very generously to the political campaigns of Harris, is something that cannot be allowed to stand in America or in any free country.

But, of course, most of the noos media is ignoring this.  When Democrats abuse the power of government to attack citizen political opponents, that is not news.  It’s only news if Republicans supposedly do that.  But journalists ought to be concerned.  For Daleiden is being attacked for committing an act of journalism.  As Ed Morrissey points out:

The issue here is the overwhelming demonstration of government force and its outrageously disproportionate relationship to any potential crime resulting from the kind of undercover journalism routinely performed not just by other activists but also by mainstream media outlets for decades.

Pro-life groups have called for Harris to resign and to withdraw from the U. S. Senate race.  But they should not be the only ones doing so.  And yes, you got that right – Kamala Harris is running to replace Barbara Boxer in the U. S. Senate.

It is time to put our foot down.  Totalitarians like Harris do not belong in high office.  And when they abuse the power of government to attack citizen political opponents for committing acts of journalism and other Constitutional freedoms, then the totalitarians belong in prison.  We cannot allow New Totalitarians like Kamala Harris to turn any part of the United States into a totalitarian state.  And we cannot allow law enforcement officials to turn the forces under them into political attack dogs without severe punishment.  Kamala Harris’ attack on Daleiden may be cheerleaded by some other Feminazi Democrats, but it is not something on which good people may disagree.

When office holders act like Nazis, we should treat them like Nazis and give them what they deserve.  Kamala Harris should be shamed, disbarred and prosecuted.


P. S.  By the way, Donald Trump has donated to the campaigns of Kamala Harris:

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