Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tea Party Wins Big in Texas Runoffs

If the Tea Party is dying, someone forgot to tell Texans. 

In the Republican Primary Runoffs yesterday, sitting Establishment GOP Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was wiped out by almost a 2-to-1 margin by Sen. Dan Patrick.  And good riddance to Dirty David, a notorious big money gutter campaigner. 

In the race for Attorney General, it again was not close as Tea Party fave Ken Paxton won with 64% of the vote.

Ted Cruz-backed Konni Burton won the GOP nomination for Wendy Davis’ State Senate seat with over 60%.

And the Tea Party won again in a mild upset in the 4th Congressional District Congressional race with John Ratcliffe defeating Rep. Ralph Hall.  Hall used to be my congressman and certainly had an honorable and venerable career.  At 91, he has served in Congress for 34 years and served well.  For much of that time, he was the House’s most conservative Democrat, voting to impeach Bill Clinton and refusing to vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  (He switched to the Republican Party in 2004.)

Although it may have been time for a change, I thank Congressman Hall for his honorable service.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bigot Bishop

I’ve met Pete Broadbent in a pub some years back.  He seemed an intelligent and affable man.  But recent history reveals he has a problem with not knowing when to shut up.  And that even after his untimely comments before the most recent royal wedding, which surely would have taught just about anyone else to keep one’s mouth shut on occasion.

In the run up to this past week’s local and European elections, the CofE bishop could not restrain himself.  Reminding people to vote wisely was not enough for him.  No, he had to single out the UKIP.

Once the results were in, did he respect them and UKIP voters?  Or did he at least keep his highly prejudiced opinions to himself?  No, he did the opposite.

What more can be said than my reply?

Well, more can be said.  Church of England bishops (as well as UK Roman Catholic bishops) have made something of an idol out of the EU beast.  Bishop Pete is probably saying what many of them privately think about those who dare deface their brazen image of “ever closer union.” 

But at least most of those who may be bigoted about Euroskeptics have the decency to keep said prejudice somewhat under their vestments.

Now to be fair, Bishop Pete claims he is not talking about voters…

But I for one do not believe that those who vote for a “prejudiced blot on the landscape” are okay with him.

He let loose with his bigotry.  The only appropriate thing for him to do now is repent, apologize . . . and then shut up for a good while.

Friday, May 23, 2014

UKIP Beats Race-baiting Establishment

I have been in England much of this month.  And I saw first hand the blatant race-baiting establishment war against the UKIP.  It was not unlike the ravings of Democrats against the Tea Party.  The torrent of outright bigotry from Leftists against the UKIP also reminds of U.S. Democrats. (Search for “UKIP” on twitter to get a sample if you have the stomach for it.)  And the occasional poorly worded statement by UKIP people, including leader Nigel Farage, was not helping matters.  I was concerned the attacks and gaffes would take their toll.

This morning, I am glad to report my concerns were unfounded.  The UKIP has done very well in local council elections, taking seats from all three establishment parties.  And the EU parliament election results to be announced Sunday will likely be even better for the UKIP.  The establishment propaganda war has failed.  The race-baiting may have even backfired.

It is an impressive election showing for the UKIP, probably the first one not “below radar” and certainly the first one thwarting such a torrent of abuse from the UK establishment.

Let us hope this is precursor of the U.S. ruling establishment being put in its place this year as well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The VA Scandal Simplified

For reasons mentioned in my previous post, I am not going to make a long post about anything at this time.  But that may be for your benefit.  For that is my excuse to keep it short and simplify the VA scandal for my readers who surely have multiple demands on their time.

President Obama has a long record of catering to his constituencies, his supporters, and pretty much only to his constituencies.  And if you are not among one of his constituencies, too bad.  This pattern began very early on when those Black Panthers who engaged in blatant and videotaped voter intimidation at a polling place suddenly had charges dropped against them after Obama took power.  But those concerned about election fraud?  Most of those RACISTS don’t vote Democrat.  So election fraud, what election fraud?  And don’t you dare bring in VoterID, you RACIST. 

Illegal aliens (who, yes, vote Democrat) and their apologists, Obama is your man.  Victims of the crimes of illegal aliens, not so much.  Those who don’t pay income taxes, but instead take welfare . . .

Oh wait. I said I’d keep this short.  But you get the picture.  Obama is the President of Obama voters.

Therefore, to understand the VA scandal, one need only understand the following. It has happened not because Obama did not know.  He knew very well the Veterans Administration had problems and even campaigned on said knowledge back in 2007.

The prime cause of the VA scandal is that soldiers are not one of Obama’s constituencies.  They do not vote for him and for Democrats well enough.  And that goes double for old soldiers.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Just a note to let any concerned readers know I am doing well.  I just have not had the time, energy, and motivation to blog recently.

I suspect in another week or so, I will be blogging frequently again.  Until then continue to have a blessed Easter season as I am.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Benghazi Cover-up and the CBS-Obama-Hillary Love Triangle UPDATED

First a quick summary of what has transpired this week on Benghazi.  Just released e-mails are pretty much a smoking gun that the White House was behind the false talking points narrative that Benghazi was about a sorry youtube video, not a failure to protect against organized (and predictable) terrorist attack.  The White House had long denied being behind the talking points.  The most incriminating e-mail was written by Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Lying Communication.  Yes, that’s in the White House.  Ben Rhodes - remember that name.

Then yesterday, Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney dug in deeper by lying about the e-mails, saying they really were not about Benghazi (SNORT!).  That was too much even for some of the snooze media.  There were sharp and skeptical questions for a change.

Yet CBS ignored Benghazi on last night’s Evening News.  Hmmm. 

A careful reading of Ace’s post yesterday evening might explain why.  It takes an excellent article by ex-CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson and runs with it.  I will not duplicate their excellent work.  But I will mention that one Mike Morell, then Deputy Director of the C.I.A., was also knee deep in editing the false talking points.

Now who just happens to be Ben Rhodes’ brother?  David Rhodes, President of CBS News.  And where does Mike Morell just happen to be now?  Attkisson reveals:

Morell has since gone to work as counsel for Beacon Global Strategies, a strategic relations PR firm dominated by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton officials and Obama administration officials. (Disclosure: In January, Morell was hired as an analyst for CBS News where I was previously employed.)

And the CBS Evening News ignored Benghazi last night.

When news media is that in bed with a regime, you do not get news sources worthy of trust.  You get participants in government cover-ups. You get Pravda . . . and CBS News.


Sharyl Attkisson today revealed that she suggested CBS News disclose that CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes during Benghazi stories.  The answer to her suggestion was no; that said information was unnecessary and irrelevant.

Yeah, I’m sure that relation has nothing to do with CBS’s participation in the Benghazi cover-up.

“If I am already persecuted for Christ … and you deny it … you wound me again.”

“If I am already persecuted for Christ … and you deny it … you wound me again.”

This and other comments from an Egyptian Presbyterian serves as an excellent follow-up to my post Tuesday on the mainline Presbyterian Mission Agency Board denying the existence of widespread persecution against Christians today.

The gentleman’s remarks are far more eloquent and from personal experience than anything I can write.  So I will simply urge thoughtful readers to go read.