Monday, December 12, 2016

Attempted Coup?: DemocRATS STILL Trying to Steal This Election

I do not think they will succeed.  But I have to admit I am more nervous than most.  Here are some of the latest goings-on in the attempt to delegitimize and steal the Presidential election:

In our initial take on the Washington Post's story about the "secret" CIA assessment that Russia helped Trump win the election (since contested by the FBI), we said that this may amount to nothing short of a "soft coup" attempt by leaders in the US Intel community and the Obama administration, and warned to expect of a push by prominent democrats to pressure the electoral college to "take into consideration" these findings next Monday, on December 19, when the formal vote for president is set to take place.
This is how we summarized the newly-formed narrative:
1     Announce "consensus" (not unanimous) "conclusion" based in circumstantial evidence now, before the Electoral College vote, then write a report with actual details due by Jan 20.
2     Put a proven liar - James Clapper - in charge of writing the report on Russian hacking.
3     Fail to mention that not one of the leaked DNC or Podesta emails has been shown to be inauthentic. So the supposed Russian hacking simply revealed truth about Hillary, DNC, and MSM collusion and corruption. . . .
To be sure, shortly after our post, first Paul Krugman, then other prominent liberals including Nate Silver and various House representative, validated out point: if Russia has indeed intervened, then the electoral college must be made aware, and briefed ahead of the Dec. 19 vote. It culminated with a Politico report on Saturday, according to which a Democratic congressman suggested that members of the Electoral College should be able to consider Russian interference in the presidential election — and whether it influenced the outcome — when deciding how to cast their vote.

Yes, it all sounds like conspiratorial crazy talk, I know.  But who expected such opposition and smoke around a clear and decisive election already?

The CIA has backed coups in other countries.  Now it seems the CIA is backing an attempted coup in the U. S.!

I’m afraid I’m only half-joking there.

By the way, this is an area in which both parties infuriate me.  If a Republican is elected fair and square, Democrats often attempt to delegitimize or even steal the election afterwards.  See the 2000 Presidential election and the 2008 Minnesota Senate election and . . . 

On the other hand, if a Democrat is elected with the help of massive fraud, the Republicans play nice.  See the 2012 and 1960 Presidental elections.

That is one reason U. S. elections really are rigged – Republicans have to win votes well, heck, far beyond the margin of fraud and chicanery.  That Trump succeeded in doing so, save a successful coup, doesn’t end this perversion of our constitutional democracy.

By the way, this story is getting bigger faster than I can post this.  I'm thinking I should take that question mark out of the title.

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