Thursday, December 15, 2016

Washington Post’s Dionne Pushes Coup

No, I am not going to link to the contemptible Washington Post or to its even more contemptible old DemocRAT hack E. J. Dionne.  But if you can stomach reading the column in question over at RealClear Politics, have at it.

It suffices to say Dionne is among the DemocRATS advocating a coup against Trump and the November election in the Electoral College.

Whenever Democrats ask for our votes in the future, remember Democrats have worked again and again to nullify our votes in the past . . . and now.

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BillB said...

What worries me is that it is just words this week but what will it be next week. I do not believe that all of these Democrats' bluster will move enough Electors to nullify the results. Then next week will they be rioting in the streets? Do they think they will change anything by doing that?