Saturday, December 31, 2016

How can I beat this prediction?

This is a time when many make predictions for the coming year.  But a prediction I made last year was so good, there is no way I can top it.  So I simply say . . . I told you so . . . back in January 2016:

Can it be any clearer that a lot of people out there are angry at being unrepresented by the establishments of both parties?

So I’ve got a 2016 prediction you can add to the zillions you’ve heard already ‘cept mine is better.  2016 will be the Revenge of the Unrepresented.   One result will be the nomination of Donald Trump this summer or the defeat of Hillary Clinton this November. 

And do not be too shocked if it will be both.

Dang, I’m good sometimes!

I hope all my good readers have a Happy New Year.

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