Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama: “I can do whatever I want.”

I’ve spent much of the ten years of this humble blog warning about attacks on the Constitution and on the rule of law, about Obama and his totalitarian streak, and other such trifles.  Too much I’m afraid.  I actually thought such matters were important.

But now I have seen the light.  I’ve had it all wrong.  It is so much better to have a President with the fortitude to put his foot down and say, “I can do whatever I want.”*

Let’s say you are President.  I know.  Who wants anyone else to be President but Obama?  But play along with me.  Is carrying out a law you worked and lied to get passed now threatening to get your allies pasted in the mid-term elections?  Then just say “I can do whatever I want,” and put your whim above the law!  Put off key parts of that law until after those annoying mid-terms!

Well, I guess you could just cancel those annoying mid-term elections, but there’s no need to stir things up quite that much when you can just put off or ignore pesky laws and then steal win some elections with fraud, I mean, accurate and careful counting . . .  and recounting if the need arises.  Count every vote until you get the correct result!  (That’s zero wrong votes in some precincts, just so you know.)

And who cares what the law says?  After all a real American President can say, “I can do whatever I want” and then do whatever he darn well wants!  And isn’t life so much simpler that way?

So praise Dear Leader President Obama!  Because of him, I and this whole country has seen the light.  The rule of law is a triviality to be dispensed with when we have someone like Obama, whose glorious whim is so much better than any law.

And, yes, I am indeed sorry I’ve wasted so much space on this blog and on twitter whining about trifles like the Constitution.  Heck, people like me shouldn’t even have freedom of speech.  And I am so glad Obama’s IRS is dealing with that, too!

*Yes, Obama was joking . . . somewhat.  He also joked about sending the IRS after his enemies.  But nothing came of that, did it?

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