Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I REFUSE to make merchandise of Christmas to sell my novel!

A hamburger joint I (still) like put up Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.  Santa has been in the mall for two weeks already.  Heck, the old sell-out is now busy selling cars during football games.

Enough!  It is time to take a stand for the sanctity of Christmas and of blessed St. Nicholas!  I am trying to sell my novel Pilot Point, but I refuse to make merchandise of Christmas and of St. Nicholas to do so!

However, for your Advent gift giving needs (And most so-called Christmas gifts are really given during Advent because most lack the self-control to actually wait until the Christmas season . . . which begins on Christmas Eve when a chorister at Kings College sings “Once in Royal David’s City” and don’t you forget it.), may I suggest Pilot Point?

With the Kindle version only $2.99 and the paperback only $13.41 now at Amazon, it is an excellent gift to give for those on a budget.  And with themes of loss and belonging and of God entering lives in his providential timing, it is a thoughtful gift for . . . this time of year and any time.

And if there are any Texans or Anglicans on your list, how many Texas novels have an Anglican flavor to them?

Plus I will not hijack St. Nicholas to hawk my novel.  He asked, but I told him he has enough to do already.  But I did ask him to like Pilot Point on Facebook.

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