Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Night Live Blog

As promised, I will now liveblog election night . . . as long as I can stay up and handle it, of course.  I will have good ale beside me to assist me and to give me an excuse to if I get out of hand.  (I am AnglicanAleMan on Untappd, by the way.)

But a very few of you may prefer a handy guide to the evening’s results.  The best I have seen comes from Michael Barone.

Remember that I will likely tweet more often than I post here as I consider twitter a better venue for short rants.

Speaking of which, here is a highlight of my tweeting so far today:

So God knows what I will say tonight.

BUT I bet I know a group that will act even more unseemly this evening than yours truly – the Democrat News Media (To newcomers, I don’t call them the Mainstream News Media anymore.  I believe in truth in labeling.  That annoys some people, but anyway…).  In fact, they have been having temper tantrums a bit early.

And I admit it – I want to drink their tears tonight . . . and booze.


FWIW, my gut feeling on the Senate races in New Hampshire and North Carolina: Jeanne Shaheen just wins NH (Coming in from out-of-state hurts  Scott Brown too much.); Tom Tillis just wins NC (Older people are outvoting millienials.).


On a non-partisan note (Yes, I can do that sometimes.), I would hope Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and others can agree on one thing – electronic voting has got to go.  This episode today from Virginia is one of many.

Why is it that is it is usually Republican votes that are turned to Democrat votes by the machines, hmmm?  But I’ll tell you what, Democrats, do you want to prove there is no intentional fraud on your part here?  Then join me in working to do away with electronic voting.  Otherwise, you are the cretins I think you are….

Well, I tried to be non-partisan.


You may have noticed some excitement, particularly on Fox News, that the Virginia Senate race is unexpectedly close.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.  But this from Jim Geraghty may give you some idea why this might maybe could actually be a big upset for the Republicans:

This review of the early vote revealed a six percentage point advantage for voters who usually vote in Republican primaries over voters who usually vote in Democratic primaries. My source couldn’t recall this kind of a split ever happening.

There was a separate rumor that a Virginia college that does polls had planned to release their final survey Monday. When the poll showed Ed Gillespie ahead by 3 points, the pollsters concluded the survey had to be wrong and didn’t release it.

I was also told RNC internals had Warner ahead by just one point last week.

More from Virginia:

I am not a fan of Virginia after they elected a crooked hack as governor, but . . . wow.

Well, it was fun for a while:

By the way, the Ace of Spades Decision Desk is an impressive operation worth checking out tonight.


I am afraid I was wrong on North Carolina.

Very disappointing if an empty blouse and Obama puppet like Kay Hagan gets re-elected in North Carolina . . . and an indictment of the electability of the Republican establishment.  Republicans should have taken this one without much trouble in this environment.  But they got behind the wrong candidate.


While we have a slight lull in the action, I want to mention that during the ten years of this blog, I have never had a tip jar or asked for a contribution.  Now I don’t at all begrudge bloggers who do. “The laborer is worthy of his wages,” after all.  But I just don’t roll that way.

But if you appreciate this blog and my ranting insight for some reason, and you have some spare change to show your appreciation, I would greatly appreciate it if you purchase a copy of my novel Pilot Point.  You can buy it for as little as $2.99. 

And, don’t worry, it is not a political work.  You will see another side of my writing.  And after tonight, you would probably like that. :)


Charlie Crist is trying that old Democrat trick of keeping Democrat precincts open later than others.

I am normally a states-rights kind of guy, but I’ve seen this election after election, and I am fed up.  There should be a federal law against this.  Either all precincts of a state are held open later, or none.


Fox just now said the Louisiana senate race is going to a runoff. I bet that runoff determines control of the Senate.

Louisiana, you are just going to *love* all those ads and phone calls.


Some people just have no shame, e. g. those who re-elected Al Franken and Mark Dayton in Minnesota and elected Charlie Crist in Florida.


On a happier note, Fox has just called Colorado for Cory Gardner.  This is a stellar example of the Republican Party actually working with Tea Partiers instead of opposing them.  Tea Party fave Ken Buck was the expected candidate.  But he failed before and looked on the way to failing again.

But Congressman Cory Gardner, a good conservative, got together with him and the two agreed that Buck would run for Gardner’s House seat and Gardner would run for Senate instead.  Both gentlemen have won, to the good of Colorado and the country.

There must be more GOP/tea party cooperation like this in the future.


If you want some good laughs, check out the Twitter feed of Mark Uterus. For example:

BREAKING: A brave call from the Ace of Spades Decision Desk

That may seem early, but they are good at what they do.

And, as I type this, Tillis does seem to be pulling away in NC in spite of himself.

Forgive me, but I am giving into the temptation to gloat.  Especially after reading stuff like this:

So far, I think only the Ace of Spades Decision Desk has called it for Tillis, but it is looking good.

By the way, I may owe Florida an apology.  Stay tuned.

And it turns out Crist has lost.  And I am only too glad to apologize to Florida (but not to the idiots who voted for Crist).

It still looks good for Tillis in NC with 95% of the vote in.  The last precincts are slow to come in which feeds my paranoia.  BUT as I type this, AP and NPR have called it for Tillis.  And just now Fox has, too.

With Iowa going for Ernst, the GOP has won 52 Senate seats, with two likely pick-ups possibly on the way.  I was nervous and grumpy, but it looks like it’s turned out to be a good night.

BTW, Demorat Pat Quinn just went down in Illinois.  Yes, Illinois.

And with that, I have run out of gas, and will say “Good Night” with thanks to those Americans who stepped up and did the right thing.

I have a busy week ahead, but will surely say more in the coming days.  Good night.

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