Wednesday, November 05, 2014

In the Aftermath of a Wave

I’m not completely recovered from the election and wish to say more once I get my bearings.  But I want to express some thoughts in something of a stream of consciousness if you will.

As promised, I made something of a spectacle of myself last night.  It turns out I made a very good prediction early – that Brown would lose in New Hampshire and Tillis win in North Carolina.

But when the numbers looked poor in NC, and the extent of Republican victories was not at all clear, I was afraid we were in for a long night and one resulting in the GOP barely taking the Senate, if that.  I thought I was seeing my hoped for (and long predicted) repudiation of Obama slip away.

(By the way, I suspect my overall Downfall prediction of Obama becoming the lamest of lame ducks may have at least partly come true last night, but I will address that another time.)

So I got a bit grumpy.  I was particularly unhappy with Tillis and the establishment Republicans who backed him.  And I still stand by saying North Carolina should not have been close.  A good candidate would have beaten Hagan handily.

But then, during the 9 o’clock hour (CST), a wave of encouraging numbers broke in several races.  Even Tillis was pulling ahead.  Then the Ace of Spade Decision desk made this brave call before others:

And it began to dawn on me that we were in the midst of a big Red Wave.  My grumpiness soon became gloating.

And let there be no mistake – it was a wave election, a bloodbath even.  And, yes, it warms my heart that Democrats are beginning to get what they deserve for their attacks on Americans and on our Constitution, and on our freedoms.  Yes, I said “beginning.”  As in Old Testament warfare, the Democrats should be pursued and politically destroyed.  What they have done to this country and what they would do to this country demands no less.

But (catches breath and calms down) last night was a very good start, and I am thankful.  I thank God.  And I thank those Americans who took a stand and did the right thing.

It has been ten long years since I have had this much hope for my country and this much pride in being an American.

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