Monday, November 10, 2014

Downfall XXVI: This Could Get Ugly

I was tempted to declare my prediction of the Downfall of Obama fulfilled on Election Night - the results should make him a very lame duck indeed. But I held back  in part because Obama is so ideological and such a tyrannical egomaniac that I suspected he would not embrace lame luck status well even though it does provide more opportunity to play golf.

Sure enough, in his press conference the day after, Obama indicated he is more interested in continuing to be a divisive tyrant than in humbly acknowledging the message of the election.  He began by saying he heard the voters, but spent the rest of the time indicating he did not listen to them at all.  Further, he made clear he intends to continue to be a very divisive figure.

He made all this very clear early on when he reiterated his intention to issue an executive amnesty.  And that in the face of an election that rejected that and so-called immigration reform as well.  Heck, even Oregon, yes, Oregon punctuated that message by rejecting drivers licenses for illegals by about a 2-to-1 margin.

As I watched the press conference, the import of Obama restating his intention to issue an executive amnesty hit me immediately:

And it will indeed get ugly and fast.

But I am not at all sure how the ugliness will play out. IF there are one or more smoking guns that tie Obama directly to such enormities as IRS targeting or the numerous regime cover-ups, the political atmosphere and Democrat weariness of him could be such that impeachment could become more thinkable. 

But that is a big “if” for two reasons:

1.  As I’ve stated before, Obama’s detached style of governance makes connecting him directly to the enormities of his administration very difficult.  It is not unlike how the Mafia operates.

2.  It is in the political interests of Republicans to keep a hate figure like Obama as President.  If Obama continues to be a weight around Democrats’ necks, the odds of Republican victory in 2016 increase.

At the other extreme of possibilities is that Republicans will prove so clumsy in handling Obama’s act that they are harmed politically more than Obama.  Heck they may even manage to make Obama look good in the eyes of many.

But surely, McConnell and Boehner are not that incompetent, right?. . . . Right??

Probably, Obama’s last two years will have a result between the above two extremes.  But I am sure that, with Obama pretty much stating he has no problem going full tyrant even when public opinion and even an election is against him, the last two years are going to get ugly and fast.

Sorry.  And please remember not to shoot the messenger.  Thank you.

Downfall is an ongoing series anticipating and tracking the possible self-destruction of Obama.

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Tregonsee said...

Kirsten Powers is my favorite liberal commentator. She actually learns from events and can say she was wrong about something. Recently, she made a seemingly casual remark that there was "a disconnect between the way events are seen in the White House and the way everybody else sees them." She seemed genuinely troubled by that, as should we all be. The next two years may well make Watergate look like a tea party. The 25th Amendment, which covers removing a President for incapacity, is something which people should be looking at rather than impeachment.