Friday, November 28, 2014

Pilot Point 100 Hour Kindle Countdown Deal

First, I must apologize that for a time, this blog has gotten slightly promotional. But I do want good readers to know of opportunities to get my Texas Anglican novel Pilot Point at sizable discounts.  And certainly that is more pleasant than wrestling over flat screen TVs.  (Although perhaps some of you enjoy that sort of thing.)

I’ve let you know of a way to get a print copy of Pilot Point (or an inferior print book) for 30% off through Sunday.  And I’ve teased you that a way to get a discounted e-book version was on the way.

Well, here’s the deal (literally).  Beginning at 5pm CST this Sunday, I will usher in the blessed season of Advent with a 100 Hour Kindle Countdown Deal.  For 100 hours, you can then get the Kindle version of Pilot Point for only $1.99.

Perhaps you are on a strict budget.  Perhaps you have friends who like e-books.  (Yes, Kindle books can easily be given as gifts.) Then you know what to do. ;)

You’re welcome.  And try not to get run over by rabid shoppers.  Perhaps just stay safely home and like the Facebook page for Pilot Point.

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