Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pilot Point 100 Hour Kindle Countdown Begins!

As promised, the Pilot Point 100 Hour Kindle Countdown has begun! For 100 hours, you can buy the Kindle edition of my novel Pilot Point for only $1.99.

If you prefer a print copy, Amazon’s 30% off offer for that continues for just a few more hours and ends tonight.  Here’s the details.

I hope Advent is off to a good start for you.  Thanks again for your forbearance as I bring my novel and these offers to people’s attention.


BillB said...

I broke down a bought a copy during the Countdown. Do you have a tip jar? I feel guilty for paying less. BTW, I am 69.25 miles as the crow flies from Pilot Point and some 80 miles by road.

Mark said...


Nah, I don't have a tip jar, but it you want to buy another copy and give it to a friend I won't stop you. :)