Monday, November 03, 2014

This Octave of All Saints

Ever since I’ve become a wannabe Anglican, I’ve always looked forward to and enjoyed the celebration of All Saints. 

Why? For some reason, it has always seemed a particularly Anglican observance – one of the things I find “fun” about Anglicanism.  Yes, I know Anglicans did not invent the Feast of All Saints.  And I have trouble explaining just what is all that Anglican about All Saints.  It may be just a purely subjective inner connection of mine.  If so, so be it.

I do know I look forward to All Saints as a harbinger of the coming season of Advent, probably my favorite church season of the year.  The two autumns I was studying in Oxford when I was yearning for a completion of my studies and a time to just relax and enjoy being an American Anglican in England for a time before returning home, that harbinger was all the more welcome.

But I am celebrating this All Saints with more joy and vigor than ever.  For yesterday, the Sunday in the Octave of All Saints, a dear friend, for whom I have been praying for some years, joined the company of the saints through Holy Baptism.  And that as I stood beside him as his sponsor.

Thanks be to God, who is so graciously increasing the company of the saints to his glory - and to our joy.

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