Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Appoints “Communist” as “Green Jobs” Czar. News Media Quiet.

No, that headline is not an exaggeration. Van Jones, the man tapped to become Obama’s “Green Jobs” Czar, by his own admission is a radical Leftist, having referred to himself in 2005 as a “communist” and a “rowdy black nationalist.”

What I find most outrageous about this matter is that, other than Fox, the news media has been very quiet about Van Jones’ radical background. Now if Bush had appointed a man who had referred to himself as a “Nazi” and a “rowdy white nationalist” and had the background to back it up, do you think the news media would have been quiet about that? Hmmmmm?

The “mainstream” news media double standards continue.


ruauper2 said...

What you have intentionally failed to mention is that he renounced any affliation with communists years ago. Citing Fox Nooz as a reliable source of information is about as accurate as claiming they play ice hockey in Hades.

Mark said...

Look, I am getting tired of your ad hominem smears, ruauper2. I've not heard of him supposedly renouncing his communism, so my not mentioning it can hardly be intentional.

If he did renounce communism, it must have been quite recent since my quote is from 2005.

I suppose you get your information from MSNBC?