Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Franken Steals Another Senate Seat for Democrats

As expected, Al Franken has succeeded in stealing another Senate seat for the Democrats. Yes, I am being a bit dogmatic there. There is no question in my mind that Franken took this seat not because he received the most votes but because Democrats aggressively and unethically gamed the vote recount, the will of the voters be damned.

And, no, I will not leave the issue of election fraud alone. With the Senate seats already stolen, with Obama and ACORN gaming the Census, and with God-knows-what the Democrats will try to pull in the next two elections, in addition to blatant disregard of the Constitution, we are in danger of having a government without a shred of legitimacy after the next two elections.

I am not predicting that. I expect voter anger will overcome the Democrats’ electioneering in 2012 if not 2010. But with the Democrats being so successful in stealing elections and so willing to do so and now having the added tool of the Census, it is a danger.

Like I said, I will revisit this issue.


Better dead than red said...

Sir, Senator Franken stole nothing. Mr. Coleman held up the process and spit on the people of Minnesota in a sheer act of grandstanding "gotcha back" for 2000. The difference is that in 2000 Gore won.

What in hell does your misguided, ignorant, poisonous political commentary have to do with Anglicanism, you friend of torturers?

George W. Bush belongs in a jail cell.

Mark said...


The Miami Herald, hardly a friend of Bush, closely examined the 2000 Florida ballots and concluded that, yes, Bush did win.

As for the rest of your comment, I'll be gracious and respond no further.


Robert Zacher said...

The decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court was determinitive for Franken. Colemen conceded to that decision, and he has wished Franken well in his new role as 2nd senator from Minnesota.

Everyone across the river in Minnesota has generally accepted the result of this very close election. No one thinks the election was "stolen." The race was very close but not stolen. We don't do things that way up here.

Sir, you comments here regularly show you to be a very sore looser with intemperate, misplaced anger. I believe that makes you say foolish things in a very high handed, ungracious manner. Like all of us, you have a right to your views. The problem comes with the extreme and offensive way in which your views are presented here.
R. Zacher
Fargo, ND

Mark said...

It's "extreme and offensive" to call a stolen election stolen? Did about a thousand votes magically switch from Coleman to Franken?

And there is no question that different ballots in different precincts were treated differently. And that favored Franken.

If you find my saying so offensive, then this is not the blog for you.