Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Episcopal Church Rejects the Uniqueness of Christ

The Episcopal Church’s General Convention has fallen all over themselves to affirm gay bishops. But they can’t bring themselves to affirm the uniqueness of Christ.

And in case you think the resolution they rejected came from those nasty fundamentalists (as if there are any left in The Episcopal Church), a version of the resolution in question passed in the Church of England Synod 283-8 back in February. Yes, that's 283-8 . . . in the Church of England.

Does anyone dare still argue that The Episcopal Church is in the mainstream of Anglicanism?

Meanwhile, even Bishop Wright and the ACI see that The Episcopal Church is “walking apart” with its affirmation of gay bishops.

But efforts to come up with fig leaf rationalizations to keep TEC in the Anglican Communion have already begun, of course.

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