Friday, July 10, 2009

Annoy Schori. Eat Meat.

From this amusing article, I was particularly amused by the following:

"We are all interconnected," she announced. "How we live... (and) dispose of garbage... affects us all." For example, Schori informed the room that the amount of protein we eat influences climate change and that, "we're in the midst of a crash course in economic interconnectedness."

And don’t miss the (tongue-in-cheek?) account of ++Rowan Williams afterwards dining . . . at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.



mousestalker said...

Woot! That gives me an excuse to use my brand new Weber! It's a win-win situation.

presbyterian urchin said...

(to the tune of "The Lone, Wild Bird")

I've got a freezer full of meat,
all diff'rent creatures good to eat.
And they are mine!
They'll be in me.
Great Spirit, come, and dine with me.

Chazaq said...

Doing my part. Grilled buffalo burgers last night.