Monday, July 20, 2009

Expect More Obama Lies on Healthcare

The Washington Post confirms what I had already noticed – that Obama is in front of the cameras every day pushing Obamacare on us. It’s all Obama, all the time with even yet another prime time press conference this Wednesday.

I wonder what fibs he’ll tell this week. He told some whoppers last week:

1. The American people are “on board” Obamacare.
If they are “on board,” it is certainly not willingly as now even the Washington Post’s polling confirms.

2. In various permutations, he has promised that Obamacare would decrease, not increase the cost of healthcare.
Then why is Congress scrambling for means to pay for Obamacare, including an economy destroying 5%+ surtax? Why did the Congressional Budget Office say the current House version of Obamacare would add $239 billion to the deficit?

Let there be no mistake. Obama is seeking socialized health care no matter what the cost. His motivation is not to reduce costs, but to increase government control of our lives.

3. “I don’t believe that government can or should run health care.”


Sorry, I had a laughing fit there. If anyone out there actually believes that, stay far, far away from Nigerian e-mails, because you are one gullible person.

And that is just for starters.

When Obama became president, I honestly did not think we had one who would rival Bill Clinton in his ability to say just about anything with a straight face.

Obama has proven me wrong.

Better oil up your lie detectors. Obama putsch for national socialist medicine will put them in overdrive this week.

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