Monday, July 06, 2009

Iran: Key Mullahs Turn Against Khamenei Regime

I did not expect this. An important group of religious leaders, the Association of Researchers and Teachers of Qum, have called the Iranian presidential election illegitimate. In effect, now even key mullahs have turned against Supreme Leader Khamenei, who sanctioned the rigged vote count.

For clerics to openly oppose the Supreme Leader like this, well, it’s like the Archbishop of Canterbury telling the Queen to pound sand, except more so:

“It’s a clerical mutiny,” said one Iranian analyst. “This is the first time ever you have all these big clerics openly challenging the leader’s decision.” Another, in Tehran, said: “We are seeing the birth of a new political front.”

Professor Ali Ansari, head of Iranian Studies at St Andrews University, said: “It’s highly significant. It shows this is nowhere near resolved.”

It is certainly not getting resolved in the manner Khamenei and his nut-case “president” had hoped.

Keep praying for Iran. (It looks like it’s working!)

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