Friday, July 10, 2009

GenCon 09: Will the Bishops Say No?

I haven’t been following The Episcopal Church’s General Convention closely. The doings in Anaheim I’m more interested in are the Texas Rangers beating the Angels in baseball.

But I do find it interesting that the House of Bishops are not as Communist as the House of Deputies and may discourage or obstruct some of the enormities of the HofD.

Don’t get me wrong. The House of Bishops as a group are a bunch of heretics and are not about to lead The Episcopal Church back to orthodoxy. But most of them are not flaming, let-it-all-hang-out heretics, at least not to the extent of the House of Deputies, or of --Schori for that matter, and may actually want some restraint in going all in for the “inclusive” agenda. Gene Robinson, for one, is “not happy” about that.

So it is possible that, even with the real dioceses of Ft. Worth, Pittsburgh, and San Joaquin gone, the bishops may keep this GenCon from giving another giant finger to the rest of the Anglican Communion and instead may nudge to fudge.

If out of some morbid impulse you must follow GenCon, I suspect this will be the main thing to watch. Don’t be distracted too much by the moonbats, as amusing and distracting as they are. Watch the bishops.

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ruauper2 said...

Who was the escapee from the who who house that wrote this gibberish