Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama the Uniter Update

Obama’s prime time press conference last Wednesday has indeed proved to be a disaster, particularly his “stupid” comments about the Gates arrest. Now, Rasmussen has 40% strongly disapproving of Obama. This is yet another jump in that number since the press conference.

For those on another planet the past few days, here’s a good summary of the Gates arrest situation.

It turns out that Obama’s stupid off-the-cuff comments weren’t so off the cuff. Before the press conference, he was briefed that he might be questioned about the arrest. Yet he still made his offensive comments.

I think Obama’s ill-advised comments illustrate that his instinct is to side with professional race-baiters and that he has a tin ear for the values of average Americans. He can conceal that fault very well when on a teleprompter, but when off, he lets it slip on occasion, and how!

Meanwhile, Gates doesn’t have any shame about the matter and just won’t shut up. Keep playing that race card, buddy.

Between Obama’s friends and his frequent press conferences, I may soon have to retract my past statements that he is no uniter. For he is uniting people . . . against him.

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