Monday, July 20, 2009

BREAKING: Rasmussen Poll Has Obama-Romney Tied

I think this is a bombshell. For one thing, I believe it will strengthen the backbones of those politicians deliberating whether or not to stand up to Obama on healthcare, cap-and-trade, taxes, etc.

Obama’s standing with the American people has plummeted, and fast, even beyond my expectations. This may help stop much of Obama’s once inevitable agenda.


Tregonsee said...

If this is to be stopped, it will need to be by, in the truest sense, the American people. Clearly all the normal parts of government, especially the MSM, have failed miserably. Come to think of it, there are some distinct parallels, and differences, in the descent of TEC.

Matthew said...

I'd love it if the Tea Party movement transmogrified into an anti-incumbent movement. It's not that far a stretch and it could only help improve our politics.

Mark said...

Matthew, it may already had. Numerous incumbents got booed while speaking to Tea Parties.

Tregonsee, agreed. Give your Congressman's office an earful against Obamacare. I did.


Anonymous said...

The American Public is fickle. I would not trust any poll. They don't uncover reality, but attempt to shape it. Polls and self-evident truths don't always agree.