Friday, September 05, 2008

Why They Hate Sarah Palin

You’d think after my past years of political experience, nothing from liberals would surprise me. But their attempted (and failing) character assassination of Sarah Palin appalls me. Her selection as the Republican nominee for Vice President has really brought out the scumbag in some liberals.

I could get a good rant on about this, but instead I’ll refer you to a more thoughtful treatment over at First Things on “Why They Hate Her”.


Helen said...

i hate sarah because she is a liar and a hypocrit. i am a democrat, and i would never abort my baby for being downs syndrome. they are lovely people, who are always happy. sarah palin was pregnant when she got married, she discontinued special education in teh state of alaska, whats going to happen to poor peoples downs syndrome babies in alaska, now that there is no funding for special education? she says God wants the war. i cant find any where in the bible that Jesus says for us to make war on each other. we are supposed to love our enemies, and forgive us our trespassers.
i hate sarah because her husband wants to cecede alaska from the union, and become a sovereign state. that is treason, and she agrees with hiim.
her son got a dui, thats why hes going to the army, a judge told him, jail or the army, what would you choose?
i hate sarah because she does not believe in preserving our environment, and has done many horrible things to the environment in alaska. and this is who you want for a vp? wow,

Anonymous said...

Hate is pretty strong, but I dislike her. She seems like the mean girl, and looks like a fascist in many ways. She asked the librarian of Wassila about whether she would censor a book, and when the librarian said no, she fired the librarian. She demands total loyalty from her staff, making them sign loyalty oaths. This sort of "give us total loyalty" is what caused the horrible, deadly, costly blunders in Iraq. Rumsfeld and the Bushies wouldn't allow anyone who said no to speak up. They were fired or silenced. Any sane American can see where that sort of fascist-thinking led. So, hate? No. But dislike. Yes.