Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain is Doing the Right Thing on Campaign Suspension (And Obama Isn’t).

I heartily agree with John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and seek to delay Friday’s debate in order to focus on getting a good financial asset relief plan passed. He is still a Senator, and the best way he can demonstrate leadership is to focus on his Senate duties while by far the most important matter of this Congress is up in the air.

Obama is also a Senator, but he opposes delaying the debate and wants to go on with his perpetual campaign. I think that speaks volumes as to who is a man of substance and who is not.

Frankly, if the debate goes on Friday, I hope McCain refuses to show up.

By the way, McCain tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac two years ago. Obama? Well, he did take a lot of donations from those two agencies.


Anonymous said...

But he hasn't actually suspended his campaign. He's just refusing to go to the debate.

Jeremy said...

Maybe McCain will have time to actually read the 3-page outline of Paulson's bailout plan, now that he's "suspended" his campaign.

You think?

Jerry S said...

I think it's safe to assume that by "suspending his campaign," what is really meant is that he has suspended his campaign travels and returned to Washington. This of course does not stop the normal business of his campaign staff, but the effort put forth by him to fulfill the duty he still holds as a Senator speaks volumes. Obama, on the other hand, will most likely not want to be pinned down on a position, which explains his comment that campaign suspension and delay of the debate are unnecessary.

barb said...

Well, let's see, Obama wants to debate on foreign policy and Mccain wants to fix this economic mess.Whatis more important? Oh, By the way, do all you Obama lovers know that he has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against him in PA? Ya, your boy was born in Kenya not US which makes him ineligible to become Pres! He has 2 birth certificates. If this wasn't true why wouldn't he just produce the paper work and get it over with. And check out his alias's he has a lot of new names. Just call him Barry! He had to answer by 9/24 and that's the answer he gave. Typical, no answewr from the scum!!!