Friday, September 05, 2008


The Episcopal Church has decided on their logo for their upcoming General Convention ’09.

If anyone sees anything remotely Christian in it or in its introduction, let me know, because I don’t see anything. The press release mentions the UN Millennium Development Goals more than Christ. Actually Christ is not mentioned. My initial response to the logo itself last night was “Crap, it even looks pagan.” But on second thought . . . crap, it does look pagan.

Which, of course, makes it very appropriate for the Episcopal Church.

The slogan itself is appropriate, too: “I in you and you in me.” As Christopher Johnson notes, “I stuff you and you stuff me. ‘Bout sums it up.”

Hat tip to Stand Firm.


Jill C. said...


(God bless you! Here, have a kleenex!)

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a pot holder to me. What is it with all the kitchen apparatus over at 815 with the oven mitt mitres and frilly pot holder logos?

Regarding their theology, I expect there will be alchemy, voodoo dolls, and sky-clad services coming any day now.